Regional & Sustainable


Live and Enjoy

Live & enjoy conciously
To satisfy all of us we choose our partner companies with due care. The butcher, the baker and the farmers from neighboring village provide us with organic delicacies. Our eggs and dairy products are from animals that can enjoy their lives in a manner appropriate to their needs. Our cheese is delivered directly from the Petersbergeralm at the top of a mountain.

We feel it is important to support small, regional businesses because they help us preserve the uniqueness and the Tyrolean tradition.

Our Chalets were build with local wood, wood that can tell you stories. Handcut in the right moonphase, brushed and untreated, it spends us warmth and security.
Clean light and warm water are distributed by our own woodchip heating system. It supplies the entire resort with renewable energy and hot water. Using the resources of our environment carefully is our biggest concern.